First Impressions: “Oh, The Mysterious” Is An Action-Packed Story Of An Unlikely Hero

We are at the tail-end of 2017, and it seems like the cop/crime genre in dramas is getting stronger than ever. We are seeing all kinds of (anti) heroes so far: from a ruthless grim reaper in “Black,” a detective possessed by a con man in “Two Cops,” and now, the last person you would think of […]

“Oh, The Mysterious” Cast Talks About First Impressions And Why They Chose This Drama

On November 27, the cast of “Oh, the Mysterious”—Yoon Kyun Sang, Jung Hye Sung, Jang Hyun Sung, and Kim Hee Won—came together for a V Live broadcast, where they shared their first impressions of each other and the reasons why they decided to take part in this drama. Yoon Kyun Sang described that when he […]

Lee Jong Suk Sends Coffee Truck To Close Friend Yoon Kyun Sang

Lee Jong Suk supported his former “Pinocchio” co-star Yoon Kyun Sang by sending a coffee truck to the set of his upcoming drama “Oh, the Mysterious.” On November 15, Yoon Kyun Sang shared a proof shot alongside the caption, “I love you, my child. #But the photo on the coffee cup sleeve… #And where are the hweori (tornado) potatoes?” The coffee […]

Jung Hye Sung Is Already Suspicious Of Yoon Kyun Sang When They First Meet On “Oh, The Mysterious”

No one would want to be in Yoon Kyun Sang’s shoes in this situation. In SBS’s new Monday-Tuesday drama, “Oh, the Mysterious,” Yoon Kyun Sang takes on the role of Oh Il Seung, a man who spent 10 years in prison as a death row inmate after being wrongfully convicted of murder. Through an unexpected series […]

Korean Stars Celebrate National Liberation Day

August 15 is Korea’s National Liberation Day and celebrates Korea’s liberation from Japanese occupation. This year marks the 72nd anniversary of the national holiday. Song Hye Kyo worked with Professor Seo Kyung Deok to publish a Korean history travel guidebook for Kyoto in honor of the holiday. Many stars posted photos of the Korean flag […]

May Drama Actor Brand Reputation Rankings Revealed

The Korea Business Research Institute revealed brand reputation rankings for drama actors based on their findings from data gathered about 50 actors who appeared in dramas that aired between April 20 and May 21. The factors analyzed were brand participation, media attention, communication, and community interest. First place went to Park Hae Jin with a […]