PD Shin Won Ho Opens Up About Casting WINNER’s Kang Seung Yoon And f(x)’s Krystal

On November 15, tvN’s upcoming Wednesday-Thursday drama “Prison Playbook” held a press conference. At the conference, producing director (PD) Shin Won Ho, who also created the popular “Reply” series, revealed his process behind casting actors. He explained, “If an A-List actor wanted to work with me, I’d want to work with them too. However, I […]

Members Of Wanna One, Red Velvet, VIXX, And More To Participate In Upcoming Episode Of “Master Key”

SBS’s new show “Master Key” is bringing back idols new and old for its upcoming fifth episode! On October 21, SBS Now’s official Instagram posted the lineup for Episode 5, which includes former guests Lee Soo Geun, Jun Hyun Moo, Wanna One’s Kang Daniel and Ong Sung Woo, and Henry. It also includes guests who […]

October Boy Group Brand Reputation Rankings Revealed

The Korean Business Research Institute has released new data on boy group brand reputation rankings for the month of October. The institute analyzed 72,462,236 pieces of big data from September 13 to October 14 and measured consumers’ brand participation, media coverage, and communication. For October, the top spot went to BTS, who had a brand participation index of […]

7 Male Idol Wardrobe Essentials To Get That Effortless K-Pop Look

Whether it’s following our favorite idols fashion at the airport or seeing footage of them entering music shows, idols have some hallmark wardrobe essentials that not only make them stand out, but make their lives much easier! Check out this list of wardrobe essentials that male idols keep in their closet. 1. Sneakers Remember that […]

Korean Artists Who Show Love For Their Fans Through Tattoos

There are of course many celebrities with fascinating tattoos, ranging from meaningful quotes to portraits of their loved ones and more, but it’s amazing how some artists have used tattoos to show love for their fans. Let’s look at some Korean artists who have chosen to get tattoos that represent their fans as a sign of gratitude. 1. Jay […]

“Journey To The New West” PD Opens Up About Song Mino’s Success In Variety

“New Journey To The West 4,” which was full of laughter, recently came to a successful close at 5 percent viewership ratings. After its conclusion, Producer Shin Hyo Jung sat down for an interview and answered a few questions about the show. One of the season’s highlights was the “Song finger incident,” where the production crew designed an […]

WINNER’s Kim Jin Woo Picks His Ideal Type

WINNER’s Kim Jin Woo recently sat down for an interview. During the interview, the reporter asked, “You are at the age to date. Is dating banned?” At that, Kim Jin Woo answered, “Dating isn’t banned. You can date, but you can’t get caught.” When asked about his dating style, he answered that he goes all […]

Watch: Song Mino Takes On Challenge Of Pinching Taeyang’s Cheeks And Speaking Informally

On August 26, WINNER’s Song Mino and BIGBANG’s Taeyang appeared on JTBC’s “Ask Us Anything.” Although there is a strict hierarchy of respect between seniors and juniors that exists in Korean society and its entertainment industry, for the concept of the program, all the cast members and guests on the show are considered same-age friends […]