Prepare For Disney’s Holiday Popcorn Bucket to Cause Hour-Long Lines

Well, it looks like Disney’s sold-out Oogie Boogie Halloween popcorn bucket really was a “nightmare before Christmas,” because the newest specialty bucket to cause hour-long lines at the parks is all about the holidays. The Winter popcorn holder started causing hullabaloo on social media its very first day available in the parks, with fans jumping […]

Disney Has Done It Again With These Mouthwatering Red Velvet Mickey Waffles

Disney’s famous Mickey waffles are getting a seasonal makeover yet again! Leading up to Halloween, Magic Kingdom began selling comforting pumpkin-flavored waffles with a caramel drizzle. Now, the park will be offering red velvet Mickey waffles as part of Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party. From Nov. 9 until Dec. 22, Magic Kingdom’s Sleepy Hollow will […]

It’s a Christmas Miracle! Disney’s Holiday Menu Includes a Spiked Hot Chocolate Flight

Walt Disney World doesn’t waste any time. Immediately after Halloween, the parks were already being transformed to suit the upcoming holiday season. Though each park will have its own unique menu items, Disney recently announced its first holiday desserts, and they look absolutely indulgent. At Hollywood Studios, the Flurry of Fun celebration will include an […]

Even Candy Corn-Haters Might Appreciate Disney’s Halloween Cotton Candy

As Disneyland and Walt Disney World continue to roll out their spooky Halloween menus, one sweet snack will likely inspire a lot of feelings: candy corn cotton candy. Yep, both Disneyland and the Magic Kingdom will be supplying visitors with the orange-and-white treat throughout the month of October. This isn’t the first time Disney has […]

Make Disneyland’s Grey Stuff — It’s Delicious!

Disneyland recently released all-new treats in honor of the new live-action Beauty and the Beast. Among the new desserts was the mysterious “grey stuff” from the iconic “Be Our Guest” number. But what’s in the grey stuff, exactly? Red velvet cake, raspberry sauce, Oreo cookies – everything you already love, just all wrapped up in […]

These Pumpkin Spice Pretzels Are Another Reason to Visit Disney Around Halloween

The pumpkin spice craze might be at an all-time high, but Disney’s been mastering the trend for years now. Several years ago, Walt Disney World and Disneyland introduced seasonal pumpkin spice pretzels that are dipped in white chocolate and drizzled with orange-colored and milk chocolate. The snack also comes in a decorative little bag that’s […]

You’ll Want to Be a Guest at This Stunning Beauty and the Beast Restaurant

I dined all across the Walt Disney World Resort in search of the most magical, delicious experience. Across all four parks, Be Our Guest at Magic Kingdom is the clear winner in my mind. The Beauty and the Beast-themed restaurant features insanely accurate settings portrayed in the movie like the forbidden West Wing and the […]