Makeup Artist Jung Saem Mool Shares Rain’s Sweet Reaction To His Bride Kim Tae Hee

Makeup artist Jung Saem Mool revealed Rain’s sweet reaction upon seeing his beautiful bride Kim Tae Hee at their wedding. On May 23, Jung Saem Mool appeared on “War-mance, Best Friends And The City” special episode of MBC Every1’s “Video Star.” While sharing her experience as Kim Tae Hee’s makeup artist at her wedding, Jung […]

Jeon Somi’s Father Matthew Douma Explains How Song Joong Ki Is Infuriatingly Perfect

Their appearance together in KBS’s “Descendants of the Sun” was brief, but it looks like Song Joong Ki made a lasting impression on his fellow co-star, Matthew Douma! Also known as the father of Jeon Somi, Matthew Douma was one of the many celebrities’ fathers that appeared on the May 9 broadcast of MBC Every1’s […]

Jun Jin’s Father Claims He Can See Shinhwa’s Future When It Comes To Marriage

Will we hear more marriage news this year from Shinhwa? Shinhwa member Jun Jin’s father Charlie Park recently appeared on the May 9 episode of MBC’s “Video Star,” where he discussed the longstanding idol group’s future in marriage. He commented, “I didn’t expect Eric would get married,” when asked about Shinhwa member Eric’s upcoming marriage […]

Somi’s Father Matthew Douma Shares The Advice He Gave Her And About How Talent Runs In The Family

The upcoming episode of MBC every1’s “Video Star” will feature special guests in order to commemorate Parents’ Day, which was celebrated on May 8. The guests will be the parents of celebrities, including actor Cha Tae Hyun‘s father, SHINHWA Jun Jin‘s father, Jeon Somi’s father, and more. In the episode, Matthew Douma talked about how […]