“Law Of The Jungle” PD Shares How Lee Soo Geun’s Appearance On The Show Changed Kim Byung Man

Lee Soo Geun is set to enter the jungle and reunite with his close friend Kim Byung Man! Following the latest episode of SBS’s “Law of the Jungle” on August 11, a preview showed Kim Byung Man welcoming a new batch of celebrities, including Lee Soo Geun, GFRIEND’s Yerin, Yang Jung Won, VIXX’s Hongbin, Lee […]

KBS’s Idol Reboot Show “The Unit” Decides On Final Group Details

KBS’s upcoming idol audition program “Idol Rebooting Project The Unit” (hereafter referred to as “The Unit”) has finalized details regarding contracts for participants who become final members. The show aims to create two K-pop unit groups, male and female. Each group will have 10 members each. However, music production companies have voiced their opposition against idol […]

Wanna One Continues To Dominate KBS Variety Shows, “Hello Counselor” Up Next

On August 15, a source revealed that Wanna One will filming for KBS’s “Hello Counselor” soon! “Hello Counselor” is a variety show that tackles viewers’ worries and tries to help them with a solution. Wanna One members will be appearing as special guest panel members. Wanna One has filmed for KBS’s “Happy Together,” KBS’s “The […]

Wanna One Members Embarrass Hwang Min Hyun By Hyping Him Up As The “Star-Maker” Of The Group

In the August 9 episode of “Weekly Idol,” the Wanna One members got a chance to introduce themselves. During his introduction, Hwang Min Hyun described himself with one of his nicknames, “Hwang-ge Liang.” The nickname is a combination of his surname and the name of the historical Chinese strategist Zhuge Liang. He got the nickname after his strategic decisions when […]

“Idol School” Responds To Reports That Eliminated Students Have Decided Not To Continue Training

After “Idol School” eliminated eight students from the running for the show’s finalist girl group, it has been reported that many of those students have decided not to continue the training program. In last week’s episode of Mnet’s “Idol School,” the bottom eight students were eliminated. The show later clarified that this meant they would remain in […]