The Disgusting Reason You Should Never Rinse Your Turkey

I know my mom always rinses whole chickens and turkeys in the sink before roasting them – it’s something that generations of folks have done, but after attending a turkey-cooking seminar at Butterball, I learned that’s the last thing you should do. The most bone-chilling reason is you run the risk of splashing salmonella everywhere. […]

I Tried The Pioneer Woman’s Famous Turkey Tetrazzini, and It’s Near Perfect

Despite its Italian sounding name, the pasta casserole, Tetrazzini is all-American, named after a famous opera singer, and believed to have been invented in San Francisco. I tried out The Pioneer Woman’s Turkey Tetrazzini, where she brilliantly suggests using leftover turkey meat in place of chicken, perfect for those Thanksgiving leftovers. Admittedly, this was my […]

Turkish Chocolate Ad for April Fool’s Day Accused of Encouraging Military Coup

In the wake of a failed military coup last year, Turkey remains in an official state of emergency. But that didn’t stop chocolate giant Ulker Biskuvi from releasing an April Fool’s commercial that has been interpreted by the Turkish government as attempting to incite more political unrest. The ad shows two cartoon characters playing a […]