Trader Joe’s FINALLY Released Its Pumpkin Products — and OMG

Instagram user TraderJoesList informed America of the news we’ve been anxiously awaiting: Trader Joe’s has finally released its pumpkin-flavored foods. Of the dozens of foods out there, you deserve to know what’s the best. Here’s everything we’ve tried so far . . . Pumpkin not your flavor of choice? Don’t worry; we’ve also tasted Trader […]

15 Trader Joe’s Breakfast Staples For Busy People

Eating breakfast on busy weekdays isn’t always possible, but our editors make it happen with these staples from Trader Joe’s. Some of us prefer quick-cooking oatmeal while others opt for bacon (or smoked salmon bacon!), but the one thing these items have in common is that they’re breakfasts you’ll actually look forward to eating – […]

The Best New Trader Joe’s Products From 2017 — So Far

One of the best things about Trader Joe’s is that it’s constantly releasing new products for customers to try, and we’re not just talking about the free samples. Shopping at Trader Joe’s is never boring thanks to the never-before-seen foods available every month, and 2017 is already off to a fantastic start. We’re keeping up […]