Baro’s Sister I, SONAMOO’s Euijin, And More Added To “The Unit”

More additions have been announced for the lineup of KBS’s upcoming idol rebooting show “The Unit”! Singer I (Cha Yoon Ji), also known for being B1A4 member Baro’s younger sister, posted on her official fan cafe, saying, “I’ve given it a lot of thought, and I think this will be a good experience for me. I’m exercising and practicing a lot these days. […]

Girl Group Matilda To Join Idol Rebooting Show “The Unit”

Matilda personally announced to their fans that they’ll be appearing on KBS’s upcoming idol rebooting show “The Unit.” The four-member girl group made their debut last year with “Macarena.” On September 15, Matilda posted a message on their official Instagram account, saying, “After much consideration, we’re writing to let you know that Matilda will be participating in KBS’s […]

Boyfriend To Reportedly Appear On Idol Rebooting Show “The Unit”

After releasing details about the show and teasers, “The Unit” is garnering attention as more idols are reported to join the show. According to various broadcasting officials, Boyfriend is supposedly working on adjusting their schedules to join “The Unit,” an idol rebooting program designed to give lesser-known idols a second chance at the spotlight. If confirmed, […]

KBS’s Idol Reboot Show “The Unit” Decides On Final Group Details

KBS’s upcoming idol audition program “Idol Rebooting Project The Unit” (hereafter referred to as “The Unit”) has finalized details regarding contracts for participants who become final members. The show aims to create two K-pop unit groups, male and female. Each group will have 10 members each. However, music production companies have voiced their opposition against idol […]

Music Production Companies Voice Opposition To Idol Audition Programs

An alliance of music production companies has voiced their opposition to idol audition programs such as “Produce 101” and upcoming show “The Unit.” On August 9, the Alliance of Music Producers, consisting of the Korea Management Federation, Korea Music Content Industry Association, and the Korea Entertainment Producer’s Association, released a public statement against idol audition […]