13 Giant K-Pop Maknaes Who Are The Tallest In Their Groups

Every idol group has a maknae—the youngest member of the group, typically in charge of melting fans’ hearts with cuteness and natural aegyo. However, some groups’ maknaes stand out for towering over their hyungs in spite of their age. Here are 13 giant maknaes who are the tallest in their groups: BTOB’s Sungjae Known for […]

Watch: Teen Top’s Niel Wants To Know “What’s Good?” In Solo Comeback MV

Teen Top member Niel has made his solo comeback! “What’s Good?” is a collaboration track with rapper JUSTHIS. Niel’s latest comeback is a continuation of his mini album “Love Affair…” from earlier this year. The music video for “What’s Good?” shows an upgraded image of Niel, highlighting his amazing dance skills and unique voice. Check out the music […]

Teen Top And Fans Celebrate 7 Years Since Their Debut

Teen Top is now seven years old! The group is celebrating their seventh anniversary on July 10, after having made their debut on this date back in 2010 with the release of their first single album “Come Into the World.” Teen Top recently made a comeback this April with their track “Love Is.” Teen Top’s […]

July Boy Group Brand Reputation Rankings Revealed

For the ninth month in a row, BTS has topped the boy group brand reputation rankings! The Korean Business Research Institute looked at interaction, media coverage, communication, and community indexes of 103,665,054 pieces of big data from June 7  to July 8 to analyze the brand reputation of boy groups. This is a 27.16 percent increase […]

Celebrities Complete Their Civic Duty And Vote For Korea’s Next President On Election Day

Election day has arrived in South Korea today and Korean celebrities have done their civic duty by casting their vote for Korea’s 19th president. This election is receiving a great deal of attention globally as it will determine the next president following Park Geun Hye’s impeachment. Many stars have already cast their votes through early voting on […]