Male K-Pop Idols Who Resemble Adorable Fennec Foxes

There are plenty of popular animal face types in the K-entertainment world. One of the most popular animal face types for males these days is the fennec fox type. The fennec face type is described as having eyes that slant slightly upward and are longer horizontally. Furthermore, the fennec face type boasts a sharp chin […]

Watch: INFINITE’s Sunggyu Reveals His Spectacular Home And Who He’d Like As A Roommate

INFINITE’s leader Sunggyu appeared on the December 8 episode of “Insolent Housemates,” during which he showed his spacious apartment and talked about who he hoped would be his roommate for the show. Sunggyu’s home is comfortably large as well as neat and organized. His closet is organized in a tidy manner, and there’s even a mini […]

Hwang Chi Yeol Picks “Produce 101 Season 2” Contestant + INFINITE Members As Memorable Students

Hwang Chi Yeol, a respected singer and vocal trainer, recently sat down for an interview with Xportsnews. Being a successful vocal teacher, he has given lessons to many idols. During the interview, he was asked to name some of his most memorable students. He said, “I thought that INFINITE’s Woohyun, Sunggyu, and Hoya had very interesting voices. […]

Things Only Fans Of INFINITE Will Know And Understand

When we’re talking about the lifespan of a K-pop group, it’s not surprising to hear the unfortunate phrase “seven-year jinx” get mentioned every once in a while. The term started popping up in the K-pop sphere after a lot of groups announced their disbandment either a little before or after reaching seven years of promotions — SISTAR, 4Minute, Wonder Girls, and 2NE1, […]

INFINITE Members Look Back On Their Student Days

The members of INFINITE appeared as guests on the May 20 episode of “Entertainment Weekly,” where they shared what they were like in school. The MC started out asking Woohyun, “You were a really good student, right?” to which Woohyun replied, “Huh?” with his fellow members disagreeing in the background. It was then revealed that Woohyun had been vice […]

INFINITE Talks About Dating In School And Reveals Plans For The Rest Of The Year

Recently, INFINITE sat down for an interview on KBS’s “Entertainment Weekly” and revealed their hopes and plans for the rest of the year. Sunggyu said, “In May, we are releasing our Japanese album, so we will go to Japan to promote that,” and continued, “For plans in Korea, I hope that if we have the chance, we […]