Dynamic Duo’s Choiza Says He’ll “Comment Later” On Getting Back Together With Sulli

Dynamic Duo’s Choiza gave an interesting response when asked whether he got back together with his ex-girlfriend Sulli. Before an interview session on September 8, Choiza requested that reporters refrain from asking sensitive questions irrelevant to “Show Me the Money 6,” possibly referring to the recent rumors of him and Sulli dating again. However, the reporters […]

From On Stage To Everday Life: Fashion Trends Inspired By K-Pop Stars

Are you in need of a wardrobe overhaul? Or do you always feel like you have “nothing to wear” even though you have tons of clothes in your closet? Give your look a revamp by taking cues from your favorite K-pop stars! It’s no secret that Korean singers are admired for their singing and dancing skills, […]

Celebrities Complete Their Civic Duty And Vote For Korea’s Next President On Election Day

Election day has arrived in South Korea today and Korean celebrities have done their civic duty by casting their vote for Korea’s 19th president. This election is receiving a great deal of attention globally as it will determine the next president following Park Geun Hye’s impeachment. Many stars have already cast their votes through early voting on […]