Everyday Chic: How To Dress Like The Girls Of “Because This is My First Life”

While most K-dramas try to get the attention of viewers with over-the-top scenarios, big budgets, or explosive action scenes, one drama has gone the complete opposite route: “Because This is My First Life.” With its realistic plot, witty conversations, simple settings, and oftentimes long, meaningful silent moments, the drama proves the truism that less is more. […]

6 Products Hailed By Korean Makeup Artists As Their Holy Grail

The world of K-beauty is a vast universe involving many different types of products with cute packaging. Sometimes you’ll have hits, and other times, you’ll have misses. But the products mentioned below were definitely hits with many K-beauty YouTubers! Check out the list below: Innisfree’s No-Sebum Mineral Powder This multi-functional powder is a must-have for those […]

Kangnam Talks About His Past Relationship With UEE

During a recent photo shoot and interview with bnt, Kangnam opened up about his past relationship with UEE. “We were both busy with our dramas and we felt burdened by the publicity of our relationship, so we broke up,” he shared. “Personally, I’m not the type to hide my relationships, and I don’t mind getting caught. However, I realized […]

7 Male Idol Wardrobe Essentials To Get That Effortless K-Pop Look

Whether it’s following our favorite idols fashion at the airport or seeing footage of them entering music shows, idols have some hallmark wardrobe essentials that not only make them stand out, but make their lives much easier! Check out this list of wardrobe essentials that male idols keep in their closet. 1. Sneakers Remember that […]