I Tried the Pioneer Woman’s Best Tomato Soup Ever Recipe and I’ll Never Do Store-Bought Again

One of my ultimate cozy dinner indulgences is definitely a bowl of piping-hot tomato soup accompanied by a grilled cheese. Depending on how ambitious I felt, I used to satisfy my cravings by whipping up a delicious but slightly labor-intensive Ina Garten recipe (which requires chopping four pounds of vine-ripened tomatoes) or cave and grab […]

Slow Cook Your Way to Greatness With This French Onion Pot Pie Stew

There’s a new breed of food hybrids cropping up in cookbooks and recipe sites: casseroles-turned-soups like Chrissy Teigen’s chicken pot pie soup and soups-transformed-to-casseroles, like Delish.com’s chicken noodle soup casserole. During this cold, wet Fall season, I’ve had french onion soup on my mind and wanted to see if I could pot-pie-ify it. Presenting this […]

How-To: Lisa Lov laver wonton-suppe – How-To – VICE Video

Lisa Lov er kokken bag den asiatisk-inspirerede restaurant Tigermom, som åbner i København i løbet af 2017. I den her video er Lisa tilbage i køkkenet på Relæ, hvor hun tidligere arbejdede som souschef, for at give os en lektion i wonton. Hun viser os, hvordan man folder den perfekte dumpling – noget som Lisa […]