August Movie Actor Brand Reputation Rankings Revealed

On August 27, the Korean Business Research Institute announced the August brand reputation rankings for movie actors. The results are based on the analysis of interaction, media coverage, communication, and community indexes for 165,104,765 pieces of big data on 50 actors from July 25 to August 26. This is a 16.53% rise from the 139,284,258 pieces of big data […]

Kim Min Suk Talks About Gifts He Received From Song Hye Kyo And Song Joong Ki

Kim Min Suk spoke about the gifts he’s been given by Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo on “Please Take Care of My Refrigerator.” During August 21’s episode, he surprised the hosts and chefs when he revealed that his refrigerator was gifted to him by Song Joong Ki. The MCs asked, “Why did he gift you the […]

Stars Who Unwaveringly Express Their Patriotic Love For Korea

August 15 is the 72nd National Liberation Day of Korea! In light of this day, let’s delve into 7 stars known for publicly expressing their patriotism. Song Hye Kyo Song Hye Kyo is known for publicly expressing her patriotism through broadcasts. She was especially praised by Korean citizens when she rejected an advertisement offer from […]

August Male Advertisement Model Brand Reputation Rankings Revealed

It seems like his marriage announcement only made him more popular, because Song Joong Ki is the top brand spokesperson for the month of August. The Korean Business Research Institute analyzed the brand reputation of advertisement models by looking at participation, communication, and consumer behavior indexes of 21,166,611 pieces of big data from July 13 to August […]

Film “The Battleship Island” Reveals Character Posters Of Song Joong Ki, So Ji Sub, And More

“The Battleship Island” has revealed character posters of starring actors Hwang Jung Min, So Ji Sub, Song Joong Ki, and Lee Jung Hyun. The film was directed by Ryu Seung Wan, the director behind “Veteran” and “Berlin.” It takes place during Japan’s occupation of Korea and tells the story of the Korean people who were forcibly drafted […]

“Section TV” Under Fire For Exposing Photo From Song Hye Kyo’s Private Social Media Account + Both Sides Respond

MBC’s “Section TV” came under fire for invading Song Hye Kyo’s privacy after they publicly broadcasted a photo from her private social media account. On June 25, “Section TV” aired their coverage of the reports that Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki had traveled to Bali together, and in the process, they exposed a photo from Song Hye […]

“Man To Man” Gives Viewers A First Look At Song Joong Ki and Namgoong Min’s Cameo Appearances With New Stills

On May 18, JTBC released new stills featuring actors Song Joong Ki and Namgoong Min, who were both confirmed to be making cameo appearances in the network’s drama “Man to Man.” In the stills, viewers can see Song Joong Ki dressed neatly as a bank employee. The actor will be meeting Park Hae Jin and […]

Jeon Somi’s Father Matthew Douma Explains How Song Joong Ki Is Infuriatingly Perfect

Their appearance together in KBS’s “Descendants of the Sun” was brief, but it looks like Song Joong Ki made a lasting impression on his fellow co-star, Matthew Douma! Also known as the father of Jeon Somi, Matthew Douma was one of the many celebrities’ fathers that appeared on the May 9 broadcast of MBC Every1’s […]