Zhang Ziyi Makes Official Statement About Illegal Filming Of Song Joong Ki And Song Hye Kyo’s Wedding

Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi has spoken up about the illegal filming of Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo’s wedding. On November 3, Zhang Ziyi spoke with Sina Entertainment to make an official statement in regards to the illegal filming of Song-Song couple’s wedding. She said, “I was notified of this after I had returned […]

K-Drama Actors Who Always Move Us With Their Beautiful Tears

Whether it’s a full-on ugly sob or a single dramatic tear, hardly a K-drama episode goes by without at least one character crying. But there are certain actors and actresses whose tears seem almost too beautiful to be real — except they’re definitely real enough to make us weep along with them! In no particular […]

Kim Min Suk Talks About Gifts He Received From Song Hye Kyo And Song Joong Ki

Kim Min Suk spoke about the gifts he’s been given by Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo on “Please Take Care of My Refrigerator.” During August 21’s episode, he surprised the hosts and chefs when he revealed that his refrigerator was gifted to him by Song Joong Ki. The MCs asked, “Why did he gift you the […]

Stars Who Unwaveringly Express Their Patriotic Love For Korea

August 15 is the 72nd National Liberation Day of Korea! In light of this day, let’s delve into 7 stars known for publicly expressing their patriotism. Song Hye Kyo Song Hye Kyo is known for publicly expressing her patriotism through broadcasts. She was especially praised by Korean citizens when she rejected an advertisement offer from […]

Korean Stars Celebrate National Liberation Day

August 15 is Korea’s National Liberation Day and celebrates Korea’s liberation from Japanese occupation. This year marks the 72nd anniversary of the national holiday. Song Hye Kyo worked with Professor Seo Kyung Deok to publish a Korean history travel guidebook for Kyoto in honor of the holiday. Many stars posted photos of the Korean flag […]

Song Hye Kyo Contributes To Global Korean Historical Education

To commemorate Korean Independence Day on August 15, actress Song Hye Kyo and Sungsin Women’s University professor Seo Kyung Deok have collaborated in publishing a historical travel guidebook titled “The Story of Our History Abroad, The Kyoto Edition.” So far, 10,000 copies have been printed. The guidebook is written in both Korean and Japanese and features […]

“Section TV” Under Fire For Exposing Photo From Song Hye Kyo’s Private Social Media Account + Both Sides Respond

MBC’s “Section TV” came under fire for invading Song Hye Kyo’s privacy after they publicly broadcasted a photo from her private social media account. On June 25, “Section TV” aired their coverage of the reports that Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki had traveled to Bali together, and in the process, they exposed a photo from Song Hye […]