Hangzoo Says Olltii “Took One For The Team” In “Show Me The Money 6”

During an interview on September 8, Hangzoo shared his story on winning “Show Me The Money 6,” a rapper survival program that aired on Mnet. He also opened up about Olltii whose attitude became the center of controversy during the program. Olltii had been criticized by some viewers due to his rude comments and attitude directed at Hangzoo, […]

Dynamic Duo’s Gaeko Picks Woo Won Jae As “Most Special” Contestant From “Show Me The Money 6”

During an interview session on September 8, Dynamic Duo’s Gaeko stated that Woo Won Jae was the one who stood out the most among the contestants in “Show Me the Money 6.” “He had never been exposed to other rappers who are currently working in the industry,” Gaeko explained. “Woo Won Jae had something to say from […]

Rapper Digiri Writes Apology For Controversy Surrounding “Show Me The Money 6” Judgement

After Tiger JK apologized for the controversial ruling that had many viewers questioning the fairness of the show, rapper Digiri posted his own apology. On July 8, he posted a handwritten letter on his personal social media account. However, his account is currently set to private so the photos of the letter are being circulated by hip […]