December Drama Actor Brand Reputation Rankings Revealed

On December 3, the Korean Business Research Institute announced the newest ranking for brand reputation among drama actors. The results are based on the analysis of participation, media coverage, interaction, and community indexes for 367,251,003 pieces of big data on 100 actors who starred in dramas from November 1 to December 2. Shin Hye Sun rose […]

Actors And Actresses Who Worked Their Way Up To Lead Roles

It’s not easy to get a lead for dramas or movies. Unless it’s an exceptional case, actors and actresses have to build experience, participating in several works as supporting roles or even as extras, before they score lead roles. Following are six actors and actresses who worked their way up to play the lead roles […]

First Impressions: “Temperature Of Love” Is The Fresh, Fast-Paced Romance We’ve Been Waiting For

It’s almost the end of the year, and we’ve seen our fair share of crime thrillers, supernatural dramas, medical dramas, and time travel stories, but it’s not too late yet for the genre we’ve all been yearning for (either in our reel or real lives) — romance. And while K-dramaland has indeed served us some […]

Ku Hye Sun To Release New Short Film Starring Seo Hyun Jin

Ku Hye Sun is releasing another short film that she directed herself! According to her agency YG Entertainment, Ku Hye Sun’s latest production “Mystery Pink,” starring Seo Hyun Jin and Yang Dong Geun, has officially wrapped up filming. “Mystery Pink” takes place at a botanical garden in Gyeonggi province. The short film will be lasting approximately 10 minutes, and its genre […]

May Female Advertisement Model Brand Reputation Rankings Revealed

AOA’s Seolhyun topped female advertisement model brand reputation rankings for the month of May. The Korean Business Research Institute looked at interaction, communication, and community indexes of 8,795,512 pieces of big data from April 25 to May 26. Seolhyun came out on top with an interaction index of 66,472, communication index of 198,415, community index of 96,455, […]

Seo Hyun Jin Talks About Her Experience Giving Back To The Community Through “Infinite Challenge”

Seo Hyun Jin recently shared her experience on being a guest for MBC’s popular variety show, “Infinite Challenge.” The actress said, “I appeared as a guest on the ‘Family Month’ special segment of the program and became a teacher for a day. While filming, I had the chance to celebrate with the elderly, teach children, […]

New Stills Show Seo Hyun Jin Spending “One Fine Day” With The Cast Of “Infinite Challenge”

MBC’s “Infinite Challenge” will be airing a “One Fine Day” special to commemorate May being the month for families. “One Fine Day” will follow the cast members as they perform a warm vignette at a beautiful and cozy island. The cast will play people who all went to the only elementary school in their hometown, and […]

“The Handmaiden” And “Goblin” Take Home Grand Prizes At The 53rd Baeksang Arts Awards + Full List Of Winners

The 53rd Baeksang Arts Awards were held on May 3 to celebrate the best and brightest of Korean films and dramas. Actors, entertainers, directors, and screenwriters arrived to a dazzling red carpet event before participating in the prestigious awards ceremony. Suzy returned to MC the event and was joined by actor Park Joong Hoon. The […]