Kim Jung Hyun Talks About First Impression Of Kim Sejeong + Suho’s Reaction To A “School 2017” Scene

Actor Kim Jung Hyun recently sat down for an interview and talked about his latest drama “School 2017.” Kim Jung Hyun recalled meeting gugudan’s Kim Sejeong for the first time. He said, “It was her first time acting, but she acted with composure. At the first script reading, I wanted to see how she acted because […]

“School 2017” Encourages Adults To Help Students Find Their Dreams

For teenagers, the influence of adults is especially important. KBS 2TV’s “School 2017” showcases how adults protect students and help foster their dreams. In addition to the stories of each student, the adults in “School 2017” are especially playing key roles to encourage the youngsters’ seemingly unreachable dreams. For example, to Oh Sa Rang (Park […]

“Falsify” Holds No. 1 Spot In Its Time Slot For 5 Consecutive Weeks

Although the ratings for “Falsify” dropped a little this week, the SBS drama is continuing its dominance of the Monday-Tuesday time slot. On August 22, Nielsen Korea reported that the recent two episodes of “Falsify” recorded a nationwide average of 9.7 percent and 11.2 percent viewership ratings. This is a drop from last week, where it recorded a […]

Watch: Fights Break Out Between Students, Teachers, And More In New “School 2017” Teaser

Upcoming drama “School 2017” has previously teased a crime thriller storyline as well as a more traditional “following your dreams” storyline – but now it’s all about conflict. In the new teaser, released on July 15, students get into fights with each other, with girls grabbing at each other’s hair and boys threatening to break out into fisticuffs. The […]

gugudan’s Kim Sejeong To Potentially Make Debut As Actress In Upcoming Drama “School 2017”

gugudan’s Kim Sejeong may be making her debut as an actress this summer! On May 24, it was confirmed that Kim Sejeong received an offer for a role in KBS 2TV’s upcoming drama “School 2017.” The singer’s management agency, Jellyfish Entertainment, stated, “Kim Sejeong has met with the production staff of ‘School 2017’ but her […]