You’re Going to Want Chipotle For Lunch, Because Queso Is Finally Available Nationwide!

Chipotle has finally added its most-requested menu item to locations nationwide: queso! Chipotle has long been working on developing a recipe that meets its high standards, and the final product has finally arrived. We got an early taste of Chipotle’s queso back when it was only a test item in NYC, and we crossed our […]

Fried Pickles Aren’t Even the Best Part About This Disney World Restaurant

Even though rushing between attractions all day is commonplace, I’m a huge proponent of taking the time to sit down and enjoy meals while visiting Disney parks. And the best place to do just that at Disney’s Hollywood Studios doesn’t even have tables . . . instead, you sit and relax in vintage cars. The […]

If You Worship S’mores, You Need to Visit This New Marshmallow Cafe

As someone who puts marshmallows in her coffee and has a full-fledged marshmallow addiction, I’m personally invested in this news: Chicago is about to get its first marshmallow cafe called XO Marshmallow that will serve s’mores, toasted marshmallow lattes, unicorn hot chocolate, and more marshmallow-y treats. The badass, female cofounders, Kat Connor and Lindzi Shanks, […]

Gordon Ramsay Officially Shuts Down Unicorn Foods in 1 Sentence

Updates to Gordon Ramsay‘s mobile game Restaurant Dash With Gordon Ramsay went out this week, so I spoke to the chef about the new releases and his new favorite past-time: Twitter roasting. I also couldn’t help but wonder his thoughts on an outrageous new food trend circulating social media. In good, old-fashioned chef Ramsay manner, […]

You Might Be a Guest in My Restaurant, But I’m in Charge

This article originally appeared on MUNCHIES in February 2015. Welcome back to Restaurant Confessionals, where we talk to the unheard voices of the restaurant industry from both the front-of-house (FOH) and back-of-house (BOH) about what really goes on behind the scenes at your favorite establishments. From a server at a high-end Philadelphia restaurant: As a […]