September Girl Group Brand Reputation Rankings Revealed

The Korean Business Research Institute has published September’s results for brand reputation rankings among girl groups. The institute analyzed 70,150,775 sources of data from August 7 to September 8 in the categories of participation, media coverage, communication, and community awareness. Red Velvet topped this month’s brand reputation rankings with a total score of 5,383,260. TWICE followed […]

Former Rainbow Member Jisook To Make Solo Debut

Jisook will be debuting as a solo artist this month! On August 3, Jisook’s agency Dmost Entertainment stated, “Jisook will be releasing a solo album some time in August.” The exact release date and genre of the album has not been revealed yet. Jisook’s group Rainbow disbanded in 2016 after releasing their fourth mini album “Prism.” Despite parting ways, the […]

Rainbow Ramen Exists, and It’s Truly Magical!

In this generation that eats with their iPhones first, restaurants are advertising “rainbow,” “unicorn,” and “magical” to attract curious foodies looking to capture that perfect food-porn shot to make their followers salivate. Being one of those people who’s constantly seeking out trends, I can say with certainty that a lot of them don’t taste nearly […]

These Edible Pick-Up Sticks Let You Play With Your Food

Before video game consoles and mobile games, there was good, old-fashioned pick-up sticks. You’d grab a handful of brightly colored wooden sticks, let them fall in a pile and carefully remove them without disturbing the others. We just took this classic game to the next level by making our pick-up sticks out of bread sticks! […]

In Our Wildest Dreams, This Disney Popcorn Can Be Found at the End of Every Rainbow

A snack staple throughout Disney’s many theme parks is the Main Street Popcorn. Though the onsite confectionaries have added new popcorn flavors – including churro, truffle, and maple bacon – one of the fan favorites continues to be the classic confetti flavor. What does confetti popcorn taste like? Magic. Kidding – the flavor actually varies […]

Relive Your Childhood With These Unicorn Push-Up Pops

Who doesn’t remember chasing down the ice cream man to get some ice cream Push-Up Pops? Those sweet Summer treats came in a variety of single fruity flavors. Well, it’s 2017 and we’ve updated your childhood treat with this unicorn version! Each pop is layered with different fruity, no-churn ice creams that will have you […]

8 Rainbow Foods Perfect For Celebrating Pride at Disneyland

Considering that Disney’s Anaheim, CA, resort boasts a show called World of Color, it would be a huge missed opportunity for Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure not to delight guests with brightly colored snacks and drinks. And when Pride Month celebrations roll around, these vivid culinary offerings can also serve another purpose: to celebrate the […]