QUIZ: Can You Guess The Highlight MV From A Single Screenshot?

“Rookie idols celebrating their 8th anniversary!” A contradictory statement, yet one that is completely true. Highlight, the “rookies” who debuted in 2009 under the name “BEAST,” re-debuted as “Highlight” earlier this year. Bringing us good music and much laughter throughout the years, they are definitely a group to love and to hold. So whether you’re a […]

QUIZ: How Well Do You Remember “Sassy Go Go”?

It’s been two years since “Sassy Go Go” graced our screens with the spunk of Kang Yeon Doo (played by Apink’s Jung Eun Ji), the cutest eye-crinkle smiles ever from Kim Yeol (Lee Won Geun), and the hilarious, heartwarming (and sometimes, heartbreaking) story of how two polar opposite groups come together. How well do you […]

QUIZ: Guess The K-Pop Song From These Badly Translated Lyrics! (Female K-Pop Edition Round 2)

The female edition of the “Badly Translated Lyrics” quiz is back for another round! Translating writing or literature is a difficult art form. Translating lyrics is just as difficult, if not more so. The translator has to correctly convey the songwriter’s intended meaning while also accounting for cultural or language differences. Because of these factors, online […]

QUIZ: Which K-Drama Friend Squad Should You Join?

Do you ever watch a K-drama and imagine yourself being besties with the group of friends in the drama, or find yourself comparing your own friendships? There are some pretty fun and amazing friendships in dramas; a few that even stay in our memories and make up a list of our favorites. Playing the imagination […]