QUIZ: Which K-Drama Friend Squad Should You Join?

Do you ever watch a K-drama and imagine yourself being besties with the group of friends in the drama, or find yourself comparing your own friendships? There are some pretty fun and amazing friendships in dramas; a few that even stay in our memories and make up a list of our favorites. Playing the imagination […]

QUIZ: Can You Guess The K-Pop Group Just By Their Greeting?

Part of being a K-pop fan includes learning the group’s greeting, as it is an important component to their identity and how they present themselves! Take this quiz to find out how well you know some of our favorite groups’ greetings! How did you do? Let us know in the comments below! amycwang93 loves eating, sleeping, […]

QUIZ: Only A True K-Drama Fan Will Pass This Quiz

You say you’ve been a K-drama fan for years and you’ve watched all the dramas out there. Even your family and friends think you’re crazy and are most likely to go to you for K-drama advice. So, do you think you have what it takes to pass this K-drama quiz? See if you can call yourself […]

QUIZ: Can You Guess The Apink Song From A Single Lyric?

Apink just had their latest comeback with their sixth mini album, “Pink UP,” and its catchy title track, “Five”! Are you a hardcore Pink Panda who loves singing along to every Apink song? Test your knowledge and see if you can identify the following Apink songs by just one single lyric! (Note: Translated lyrics are […]

QUIZ: Can You Guess The NCT 127 Song From A Single Lyric?

Calling all NCTZENS! Sticking by the message of their lyrics, NCT 127 is already becoming the biggest hit of the summer with their new lit song “Cherry Bomb”! But how well do you know the lyrics to all NCT 127 songs? Take this quiz and find out! (Note: Translated lyrics are followed by the Korean romanizations in parentheses.) […]