This Pink, Prosecco-Flavored Cheese Sounds F*cking Delicious — Just Hear Us Out

There are three things millennials can’t live without: cheese, alcohol, and Instagram-approved foods. So, when The Great British Cheese Company did the impossible and created the most quintessential millennial food trend, we could hear the screams from across the pond. Ladies and gentlemen, meet pink, Prosecco-flavored cheese. It may look like a grown-up Babybel cheese […]

Cheers! Prosecco-Flavored Cupcake Frosting Exists, but There’s a Catch

If you’re looking for the perfect dessert to go with your Prosecco-flavored popsicles, you’re in luck. Thanks to a recent find by Elite Daily, we now know that Prosecco-flavored cupcake frosting (£2.49) does exist. Described as “perfect for topping and filling cakes and biscuits,” the champagne-flavored frosting is surprisingly alcohol free! If Prosecco isn’t your […]