7 Things You Never Knew About Pop-Tarts, Straight From an Insider Employee

If Pop-Tarts have always remained a staple in your breakfast routine (no shame), you’ll want to know these fun facts straight from the brand itself. A Pop-Tarts representative shared these behind-the-scenes facts with POPSUGAR, and they’ll make any Pop-Tarts-lover have an even greater appreciation for the classic toaster pastry. For instance, can you imagine a […]

DIY Watermelon Jolly Rancher Pop-Tarts Are Made With the Actual Candy

When we heard that Pop-Tarts was releasing three new Jolly Rancher flavors, we knew we had to make our own. This sweet pastry is stuffed with homemade watermelon jam and topped with a lightly sour Jolly Rancher icing. This might just taste better than the original! For more Pop-Tarts recipes, try our giant wild berry […]