Pickle-Flavored Beer Is a Thing, and It’s a Big F*cking Dill, Y’all

We’ve seen many a pitiful performance in an attempt to please particular pickle people. Pickle chips! Pickle soda! Fruit punch pickles! Pickle popsicles! Hell, there are even entire pickle restaurants. But very few pickle-flavored culinary endeavors actually sound appealing to a broad audience, which is why we were surprised to see that a dill pickle […]

So Walmart Just Launched Tropickles, aka Fruit-Punch-Flavored Pickles

Brace yourself for this news, pickle-lovers. There’s a new snack coming your way that’s going to change the way you think about pickles and fruit punch. Tropickles, aka tropical-fruit-punch-flavored pickles – get it? – have just launched exclusively at Walmart under the Great Value brand. And they’re exactly what they sound (and look) like: your […]