September Variety Star Brand Reputation Rankings Revealed

On September 3, the Korean Business Research Institute announced this month’s brand reputation rankings for variety stars. The results are based on the analysis of interaction, media coverage, communication, and community indexes for 33,385,505 pieces of big data on 36 variety stars from August 1 to September 2. Lee Sang Min rose back to first after dropping to second […]

8 Stars Who Are Serious Husband Goals

Loving, doting husbands are all the rage on TV these days and for good reason! Shows like “Single Wife,” “Hyori’s Homestay,” and more are gaining attention and popularity for featuring husbands who sincerely cherish their wives. Let’s take some time to highlight some loving husbands who have been put in the spotlight. 1. Rain Fans […]

Park Myung Soo Revealed To Have Helped Hearing Impaired Children Through Donations

On May 9, corporation Snail Of Love (literal translation) shared that Park Myung Soo recently paid for the cochlear implant surgery of a hearing impaired child living in Daejeon. Snail Of Love is an organization that supplies artificial cochlear canaliculus surgery and hearing aids for financially difficult, hearing impaired people. Park Myung Soo has been donating […]

Park Myung Soo’s Wife Shines In First TV Appearance On “Infinite Challenge”

Comedian Park Myung Soo’s wife Han Soo Min made a surprise first-time appearance on MBC’s “Infinite Challenge.” On May 3, “Infinite Challenge” aired their “Infinite News” episode, where HaHa broadcasted his whereabouts as a fake sheriff while members watched from inside. HaHa visited his wife Byul, who was singing at a noraebang with an unidentified friend. It turned […]