Stars Who Captivate With Their Adorable Puppy-Like Faces

Celebrities are often described as one of two categories: “puppy-faced” or “cat-faced.” Those who have a token puppy-like faces often have characteristic big eyes that are slightly cast downwards, with a round, cute face. Let’s delve into six beautiful female celebrities who are known for their representative puppy-like faces! Park Bo Young Park Bo Young is […]

Watch: Park Hyung Sik And Park Bo Young Show The Struggles Behind Their Kiss Scene

Recently, JTBC released two behind-the-scenes clips from the latest episode of “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon.” The first video covered the kiss scene between Park Hyung Sik and Park Bo Young. The adorable clip showed the unexpected struggles that went into shooting the picturesque kiss scene. Tbe beginning of the clip showed Park Bo Young as […]