A 1-Dish Dinner That Combines Your Love of Mac and Cheese and Lasagna

If your New Year’s resolution includes cooking more (but doing fewer dishes), then you’ll need to turn to a trusted source like 101 One-Dish Dinners: Hearty Recipes For the Dutch Oven, Skillet & Casserole Pan ($17) by Andrea Chesman. Of all the recipes in the cookbook, this pastitsio exhilarated my senses. The combination of lamb, […]

10 Skillet Lasagnas (For When You Don’t Want to Bother With the Casserole)

Lasagna on a weeknight? Sounds like a fat chance with all the parboiling, prep work, layering, and hour of baking involved. When time isn’t on your side but you need that fix of lasagna noodles saturated in tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese, consider these skillet recipes a satisfactory compromise. RelatedYou Need These 23 Lasagna Recipes […]

20-Minute Sheet-Pan Fajitas Will Transform Your Weeknight Dinner Routine

Fact: dinner doesn’t get any easier than one-pan meals. And if you’re getting insanely bored of the same chicken breast dinner you’ve eaten 100 times, allow me to introduce you to sheet-pan chicken fajitas, which come together in less than 30 minutes to transform your weeknight routine. Chop a few vegetables while the oven preheats, […]

This Sheet-Pan Hack Will Change the Way You Make Scrambled Eggs

Allow me to introduce you to the latest breakfast hack that’s going to make your life easier: sheet-pan eggs. When I first saw these rectangular eggs popping up on Pinterest, I was immediately intrigued; they’re like muffin-tin eggs 2.0. A little skeptical of how the eggs would taste (and how messy the process would be), […]