Cue the Sugar Rush! Black Tap’s Famous Milkshakes Are Coming to Disneyland

Image Source: Disney Parks Blog May I have your attention, Disney- and milkshake-loving people of the world? Black Tap Craft Burgers & Beer is coming to Downtown Disneyland in 2018! In case you’ve forgotten, Black Tap has made headlines for the over-the-top, overindulgent, and wildly Instagrammable milkshakes available at its NYC restaurant locations. The fact […]

Hold the Phone: Whole Foods Is Just Casually Serving Boozy Milkshakes?!

I was scurrying down Bedford Avenue in Brooklyn, NY – running late to catch the subway, as per usual – when I saw it: the glorious chalkboard sign outside of Whole Foods that read boozy milkshakes. After rubbing my eyes and seeing that the words didn’t disappear, I realized I wasn’t just imagining things in […]

This New Disneyland Shake Tastes Like Cotton Candy and Is Topped With Gold

When people can’t decide whether a milkshake tastes like birthday cake or cotton candy, you know you’re in for a (literal) treat. And the new Cool Dinoco Blue Shake, available at Disney’s California Adventure park, is everything we could want in a shake: brightly colored, sweetly flavored, and topped with freakin’ gold sugar crystals. Park […]

13 Creamy Smoothies So Good They’re Basically Milkshakes in Disguise

When your sweet-tooth cravings hit, smoothies may not be the first option you think of. After all, this cool drink seems more appropriate for breakfast and sounds way too healthy. Milkshakes, on the other hand, are practically irresistible, which is why we searched for smoothie recipes that reflected the texture and taste of a frothy […]