McDonald’s Makes a Strawberry Soft Serve, and It’s Going Viral

McDonald’s is serving up every Instagrammer’s dream: strawberry soft-serve ice cream in a millennial pink hue. This creamy swirled delight is giving us serious envy. Not to be confused with the lychee flavor, this new strawberry treat stands alone. It’s currently only available at McDonald’s locations in Malaysia – yup, the same place responsible for […]

McDonald’s Just Released Waffle Fries, and Hot Damn, We Need Them ASAP

Brace yourselves, reader, because the following news may make you salivate and/or attempt to eat your screen. We’ve just discovered that McDonald’s locations in Singapore have begun selling freakin’ waffle fries, and they look incredibly dreamy. This salt-coated side dish (or main dish, if you so please) was recently released in McDonald’s restaurants in Singapore […]

McDonald’s Pizza’s Not Returning Plus More Facts About the Golden Arches

Image Source: Flickr user Mike Mozart The McDonald’s Golden Arches symbolize one of the most delicious and sought-out fast food establishments in the world, but they’re unquestionably easier to find than a functioning McFlurry machine and now we know why. Employees revealed tons of secrets about what it’s like to work at McDonald’s in a […]

McDonald’s Is Finally Delivering Everywhere — and Giving Away a Hilarious Line of Clothes

McDonald’s is finally delivering everywhere! The fast-food chain is celebrating the launch of the global expansion of McDelivery – which was previously only available in select US areas – with an epic line of menu-inspired clothes. As a fun surprise for customers, for one day only on Wednesday, July 26, McDonald’s is giving away a […]

Friendly PSA: McDonald’s in Paris Has Macarons, and They’re Ridiculously Cheap

A post shared by Jules Chu (@juliafmiao) on Mar 20, 2017 at 6:16am PDT If you’re planning a trip to Paris this Summer, we have an unexpected restaurant to add to your foodie bucket list: McDonald’s! Why? Because McDonald’s Paris sells macarons (or shall we say McMacarons?), and they look surprisingly tasty. Now, before all […]