Alcohol-Infused Marshmallows Are Here to Make Boozy S’mores a Reality

Sit back, relax, and allow me to set the picture-perfect scene for you. It’s a chilly Fall evening and you’ve got all your s’mores ingredients lined up in front of your fireplace. You bite into that perfectly melty, slightly burnt s’more while listening to the crackling fire and cozying up in a fuzzy blanket. There’s […]

35 Mind-Blowing Variations on Summer’s Greatest Sweet (the S’more)

Gooey s’mores assembled fireside are near unbeatable, but for those times when a campfire or fireplace is out of reach, these s’mores-inspired treats will fill the void, and then some. We’ve rounded up 35 stellar alternatives, from Biscoff s’mores seven-layer bars to s’mores waffle sundaes to even ice cream modeled after the summertime treat. Related25 […]

Yes You Can Haves S’mores For Breakfast With This Campfire Recipe

Yes you can have s’mores for breakfast with this french toast sandwich recipe from The Outdoor Adventure Cookbook ($16) by Coleman. You don’t have to be camping to enjoy this treat. This fast-and-easy recipe can be whipped up in any kitchen. With the addition of marshmallows and Nutella, you just can’t miss out on this […]

If You Worship S’mores, You Need to Visit This New Marshmallow Cafe

As someone who puts marshmallows in her coffee and has a full-fledged marshmallow addiction, I’m personally invested in this news: Chicago is about to get its first marshmallow cafe called XO Marshmallow that will serve s’mores, toasted marshmallow lattes, unicorn hot chocolate, and more marshmallow-y treats. The badass, female cofounders, Kat Connor and Lindzi Shanks, […]