13 Giant K-Pop Maknaes Who Are The Tallest In Their Groups

Every idol group has a maknae—the youngest member of the group, typically in charge of melting fans’ hearts with cuteness and natural aegyo. However, some groups’ maknaes stand out for towering over their hyungs in spite of their age. Here are 13 giant maknaes who are the tallest in their groups: BTOB’s Sungjae Known for […]

Wanna One’s Park Ji Hoon Reveals Why He Kissed Lai Guan Lin On The Cheek During “Produce 101 Season 2” Finale

Wanna One’s Park Ji Hoon talked about the story behind the time he pecked Lai Guan Lin on the cheek during “Produce 101 Season 2.” On August 3, the first episode of Mnet’s reality show “Wanna One Go” showed Wanna One members heading to their destination in pairs and groups. Park Ji Hoon and Lai Guan Lin formed a […]