WINNER’s Kim Jin Woo Picks His Ideal Type

WINNER’s Kim Jin Woo recently sat down for an interview. During the interview, the reporter asked, “You are at the age to date. Is dating banned?” At that, Kim Jin Woo answered, “Dating isn’t banned. You can date, but you can’t get caught.” When asked about his dating style, he answered that he goes all […]

Watch: Song Mino and Kim Jin Woo Fight To Determine Who Is The Dumbest Of All In WINNER

WINNER appeared as a guest on the first episode of MBC’s “Brother’s Thoughts,” where members Song Mino and Kim Jin Woo went face to face to find out who is the more idiotic member. This all started because member, Kang Seung Yoon talked about the two idiots of WINNER, in an endearing way. He said, “We […]

WINNER’s Kim Jin Woo Gives Into Hunger And Fails Others On “Infinite Challenge”

WINNER’s Kim Jin Woo surprised viewers by giving into hunger and devouring kimchi stew in the latest episode of “Infinite Challenge.” On May 20, singer Crush, WINNER’s Kim Jin Woo, comedians Moon Se Yoon and Yoo Byung Jae, and actor Bae Jung Nam gathered as guests for the “Future Entertainment Research Institute” special of “Infinite Challenge.” The guests were confined […]