September Variety Star Brand Reputation Rankings Revealed

On September 3, the Korean Business Research Institute announced this month’s brand reputation rankings for variety stars. The results are based on the analysis of interaction, media coverage, communication, and community indexes for 33,385,505 pieces of big data on 36 variety stars from August 1 to September 2. Lee Sang Min rose back to first after dropping to second […]

“Law Of The Jungle” PD Shares How Lee Soo Geun’s Appearance On The Show Changed Kim Byung Man

Lee Soo Geun is set to enter the jungle and reunite with his close friend Kim Byung Man! Following the latest episode of SBS’s “Law of the Jungle” on August 11, a preview showed Kim Byung Man welcoming a new batch of celebrities, including Lee Soo Geun, GFRIEND’s Yerin, Yang Jung Won, VIXX’s Hongbin, Lee […]

Kim Byung Man Sustains Spinal Injury While Skydiving, SM C&C And SBS Release Statements

SM C&C has released an official statement regarding the spinal injury Kim Byung Man sustained while skydiving in the United States. The statement explained, “On July 20, Kim Byung Man was participating in a team training exercise after earning a tandem license for the upcoming Korean international skydiving competition. It was during this training session […]