December Drama Actor Brand Reputation Rankings Revealed

On December 3, the Korean Business Research Institute announced the newest ranking for brand reputation among drama actors. The results are based on the analysis of participation, media coverage, interaction, and community indexes for 367,251,003 pieces of big data on 100 actors who starred in dramas from November 1 to December 2. Shin Hye Sun rose […]

Watch: Apink’s Jung Eun Ji Cheers You Up With Sweet MV For “Manito”

Apink’s Jung Eun Ji is back with a solo track! Her latest release “Manito” has a lovely acoustic sound that features Jung Eun Ji’s strong yet soothing voice. The title “Manito” is a wordplay on two Korean terms, mani meaning “a lot” and tto meaning “more,” and the lyrics are about an innocent girl confessing to her love. The music video, […]

May Girl Group Member Brand Reputation Rankings Revealed

TWICE’s Nayeon and Apink’s Son Naeun topped female idol brand reputation rankings for the month of May. The Korean Business Research Institute presented their findings after gathering 31,424,347 pieces of data from April 12 to May 13, looking at indexes like media, communication, and community. Nayeon took first place with a brand reputation index of 864,556. Son Naeun […]

Watch: Apink’s Jung Eun Ji Fearlessly Stands Up For Huh Gak On “Secretly Greatly”

Singer Huh Gak successfully pranked Apink’s Jung Eun Ji on the April 23 episode of MBC’s “Secretly Greatly.” The premise of the prank was that Huh Gak was preparing for his very first musical by taking lessons from a teacher. He asked his very close friend Jung Eun Ji for some tips on doing musicals, and she decided to watch […]