CNN Highlights Jay Park’s Success Story

CNN highlighted Jay Park‘s success story on its main page. On October 9, CNN posted a detailed article about Jay Park under the title “Jay Park: from K-pop to Jay-Z” on the main page of its website. The article tells the story of how Jay Park came to join the greats in the United States through his hard work and passion for music […]

Korean Artists Who Show Love For Their Fans Through Tattoos

There are of course many celebrities with fascinating tattoos, ranging from meaningful quotes to portraits of their loved ones and more, but it’s amazing how some artists have used tattoos to show love for their fans. Let’s look at some Korean artists who have chosen to get tattoos that represent their fans as a sign of gratitude. 1. Jay […]

Watch: Jay Park, Sik-K, And pH-1 Drop Teaser For New Collaboration

Global hip hop label H1GHR MUSIC has released a teaser for its newest track, “iffy.” The 20-second teaser showcases the song’s bright rhythm and vibrant colors, and is a collaboration of rappers Sik-K, pH-1, and Jay Park, with producer GroovyRoom. The track is also part of H1GHR MUSIC’s new partnership with Dingo. Dingo is Korea’s largest mobile […]

From On Stage To Everday Life: Fashion Trends Inspired By K-Pop Stars

Are you in need of a wardrobe overhaul? Or do you always feel like you have “nothing to wear” even though you have tons of clothes in your closet? Give your look a revamp by taking cues from your favorite K-pop stars! It’s no secret that Korean singers are admired for their singing and dancing skills, […]

Watch: Jay Park, Boi.B, And Double K Are “Reborn” In Groovy Collaboration MV

Mnet’s “Show Me the Money 6” recently partnered with Whal Myung Su, a medical herbal digestive drink, for a branded content campaign. As part of this campaign, rappers Jay Park, Boi.B, and Double K released a collaboration track called “Reborn.” The music video for this catchy track has a “clean and healthy” concept that highlights the brand’s image. […]

August Male Advertisement Model Brand Reputation Rankings Revealed

It seems like his marriage announcement only made him more popular, because Song Joong Ki is the top brand spokesperson for the month of August. The Korean Business Research Institute analyzed the brand reputation of advertisement models by looking at participation, communication, and consumer behavior indexes of 21,166,611 pieces of big data from July 13 to August […]

11 Dream Collabs We Wish Would Finally Happen

Do you ever listen to an artist and just know they’d sound amazing if they had the chance to collaborate with another singer? Sometimes we’ll get lucky and our dream collabs will happen on their own – way before we even know it’s the partnership we needed. Other times, however, our dream collabs end up being faraway […]