January Comebacks And Debuts Still To Come

With almost half of January over now, there’s still more K-pop to come this month! Find out what comebacks and debuts we can look forward to from the rest of January below, including many soloists as well as comebacks by several contestants from both seasons of “Produce 101.” January 15 2PM’s Wooyoung will be making a […]

Watch: iKON Show Off Their Acapella Skills On “Weekly Idol,” With Hilarious Results

iKON appeared on the December 27 broadcast of MBC every1’s “Weekly Idol,” where they were awarded something they weren’t expecting. On this episode, MCs Jung Hyung Don and Defconn held their seventh annual Weekly Idol Awards and personally went to hand deliver awards to the recipients. The two went to the YG Entertainment headquarters to give BIGBANG […]

iKON’s Yunhyeong Makes A Hilarious Mistake While Describing His Ideal Type

Due to his limited Japanese, iKON’s Yunhyeong made a slipup about his ideal type that shocked everyone. On the December 3 episode of JTBC’s “iKON Picnic,” the Japanese female celebrities and members of iKON talked about ideal types. Yunhyeong said in Japanese, “[I like] girls with pretty chests.”Everyone seemed shocked by his comment, especially Donghyuk. […]

Japanese Female Celebs Share Their Impressions Of iKON After Traveling With The Group

On a recent episode of “iKON Picnic,” the Japanese female celebrities traveling together with iKON revealed their impressions of the group. The JTBC travel show, which premiered earlier this month, follows iKON as they take a trip with seven Japanese celebrities with whom they were previously unacquainted with. On the episode that aired on November […]

Watch: iKON’s Junhoe and Jinhwan Sing “Perfect” In Unreleased Clip For “iKON Picnic”

A special unreleased clip has been released for “iKON Picnic”! The video revealed on November 15 shows Junhoe and Jinhwan singing “Perfect,” a track from iKON’s Japanese mini album “New Kids: Begin.” This is the first time that “Perfect” has been performed on broadcast, and although the full performance was edited out of “iKON Picnic” due to time […]