How to Make Pie Crust, in Pictures

Have a hankering for cherry pie, but find yourself intimidated by the process of making crust from scratch? Look no further! Not only do we have a near-foolproof pie crust recipe to share, but we’ve broken the procedure down into a few simple steps sure to elucidate the process for visual learners. So stop fretting […]

The Easiest Crackers You’ll Ever Make

Looking to prepare a large batch of snacks for your next gathering? These phyllo crackers, with their smoky paprika and sharp cheddar topping, aren’t just light and crispy – they’re seriously flavorful. Not only are these the easiest crackers you’ll ever make, but also, you’ll have hundreds in no time, helping to keep your party […]

Brie vs. Camembert: What’s the Difference?

While both brie and camembert are cow’s milk cheeses, are soft-ripening, and have a white, flowery rind, the two aren’t interchangeable. So the next time you are at the store and must choose between brie or camembert, here’s what you need to know. Production: During the cheese-making process, cream is added to brie, but in […]

Your Ultimate Guide to NYE Party Appetizers (Just Add Champagne!)

When hosting a New Year’s Eve party, getting your appetizer game on lock is second only to stocking up on plenty of sparkling wine (and OK, picking out your party dress). As this recipe collection suggests, we suggest serving a mix of finger foods and easy dippable or spreadable foods like hummus and baked fontina, […]

Starbucks Just Dropped 3 New Chocolate Drinks, but Hurry! They Won’t Last Long

Starbucks has announced three new limited-edition mocha drinks! The trio of drinks is a new Black and White Mocha Collection, which includes a rich hot chocolate, a blended Frappuccino, and an espresso-filled mocha. What makes each drink “black and white” is a combination of dark and white chocolate, and each drink is topped with whipped […]

Look No Further For the Perfect Cutout Cookie Recipe — This One’s Flawless

Over two decades of baking, and obsessively enthusiastically decorating cutout sugar cookies, I’ve tried a handful of recipes. None were a total flop; at the same time, none deserved a repeat performance. The recipes I tried were either too finicky, with dough that goes soft, sticky, and unmanageable after one roll-out; were bland – sure, […]

Hi, Hello — Cracker Jack Has a Holiday Popcorn That Tastes Like Sugar Cookies!

After falling for Pop Secret’s Popfetti, we have a taste for sugary-sweet popcorn that simply can’t be satiated. Thankfully, Cracker Jack – yes, the nostalgic popcorn synonymous with baseball games – has a delightful flavor based on the taste of holiday sugar cookies. Much to our surprise, Cracker Jack’s seasonal Holiday Sugar Cookie Popcorn has […]

20 Cozy Casserole Recipes

Whether you call them casseroles or hot dishes, there’s no argument about the merits of these cozy, crowd-friendly recipes. We’ve rounded up the best options out there ranging from ultraclassic (think tuna noodle casserole) to creative spins (breakfast pancake lasagna). Source: My Name is Yeh, Half Baked Harvest, Damn Delicious, How Sweet It Is