g.o.d’s Son Ho Young Talks About First Contacting Look-Alike Wanna One’s Kang Daniel

During a recent episode of “Happy Together,” g.o.d’s Son Ho Young made an appearance and talked about his labelmate and junior Wanna One’s Daniel. The hosts of the show brought up how some people say Son Ho Young and Kang Daniel resemble each other, especially when comparing to what Son Ho Young look like when he first […]

FTISLAND’s Choi Jong Hun Candidly Talks About His Relationship With Rhythmic Gymnast Son Yeon Jae

When FTISLAND’s Choi Jong Hun and Lee Hong Ki made an appearance on the July 27 episode of “Happy Together,” no one was probably expecting to hear this much about Choi Jong Hun’s relationship! Just last month, the idol confirmed that he and rhythmic gymnast Son Yeon Jae were dating, after an initial report from Dispatch. […]