Ha Ji Won Shares How She Overcame The Challenges Of Playing A Doctor On “Hospital Ship”

The September 3 episode of MBC’s “Section TV Entertainment Relay” featured the principal cast of the new drama “Hospital Ship.” “Hospital Ship” is a drama about doctors serving on a hospital ship that brings aid to island villages lacking big hospitals. As Ha Ji Won’s first drama in two years, it got off to a […]

Cast Of Medical Drama “Hospital Ship” Shares Their Thoughts On Living Together On An Island

MBC’s upcoming Wednesday-Thursday medical drama “Hospital Ship” tells the story of a hospital crew that travels on a ship to provide medical services to island villages. The main settings are the ship and the island, which is why the drama’s cast and crew will be living on Geoje Island during the period that they’re filming […]

Celebrities Complete Their Civic Duty And Vote For Korea’s Next President On Election Day

Election day has arrived in South Korea today and Korean celebrities have done their civic duty by casting their vote for Korea’s 19th president. This election is receiving a great deal of attention globally as it will determine the next president following Park Geun Hye’s impeachment. Many stars have already cast their votes through early voting on […]