11 Moments From “Mad Dog” That Will Make Your Heart Pound

A show about insurance fraud isn’t the first thing one thinks of when going after something exciting and full of mystery. But, from the start, “Mad Dog” has offered sleek promotion, impressive explosions, smooth-talking men, highly capable women, and a whole lot of romantic (and bromantic!) tensions. These insurance cases are ones that will pull […]

22 Spectacular Moments Of BTS At The 2017 American Music Awards

Earlier this year, BTS took over the internet and made a huge splash worldwide with their historical Billboard appearance and win. Now they are taking over again with their first ever televised stage performance in America at the 2017 American Music Awards. There is so much buzz going around about BTS since they arrived in […]

12 Reasons VICTON Deserves Your Love

It’s already been a year since VICTON made their debut, and they’re getting ready to make a comeback today, on their first anniversary! That means now is the perfect time to get to know this talented and fun rookie group. VICTON is a seven-member group that made their debut under Plan A Entertainment on November 9 of 2016. Their […]

6 Products Hailed By Korean Makeup Artists As Their Holy Grail

The world of K-beauty is a vast universe involving many different types of products with cute packaging. Sometimes you’ll have hits, and other times, you’ll have misses. But the products mentioned below were definitely hits with many K-beauty YouTubers! Check out the list below: Innisfree’s No-Sebum Mineral Powder This multi-functional powder is a must-have for those […]

9 Reasons To Love Jung Hae In

You might have seen him in “Goblin,” “The Three Musketeers,” or on our list of Korean actors who need more appreciation. It’s safe to say Jung Hae In is finally getting the recognition he deserves. His popularity is skyrocketing thanks to “While You Were Sleeping” and, justifiably so, there’s no end in sight. Therefore we are gathered […]

Brilliant Minds Behind The Steps: 10 International Choreographers Worth Checking Out

Ever wonder who comes up with some of your favorite K-pop choreography? They’re fast, fun, and definitely not easy to learn! While choreography is sometimes created by the artists or choreographers within their company, sometimes they export the job to outside choreographers! Check out these international choreographers who have gotten involved in the K-pop world! […]

All Grown Up: 8 Idols Who Basically Matured With Their Groups

Before debuting in a K-pop group, many idols spend a lot of time together during their trainee days, and their bonds continue to grow as they share the same dorm and attend the same practice schedules on a daily basis. Some idols, usually the maknae of the group, will leave their homes at a very young age to pursue their dreams. But […]

Presenting The Next Global K-Pop Sensation: Here Are The Winners Of “Rising Legends: Season 2”

On August 14, we announced the second season of “Rising Legends” after a successful first season in 2016. In partnership with Cube Entertainment and Twitch, a premium live streaming video platform, “Rising Legends: Season 2” aimed to find the next global K-pop sensation and give him or her the opportunity of a lifetime. With a […]

Express Yo Self: 8 K-Pop Stars Who Have Hilariously Colorful Facial Expressions

While any K-pop idol is likely to have mastered their “game face” — as in, the flawless expressions they show off in music videos and live performances — there are some K-pop stars who never fail to amuse their fans (and make their fans stan them even harder) with their hilariously expressive faces. In no […]