Exclusive: These Are The Produce 101 Trainees International Fans Are Rooting For

The hottest show on television may soon be coming to an end, but top contenders for the male version of I.O.I may look vastly different, if international fans were allowed to vote. Brave Entertainment’s Samuel Kim placed first in Soompi’s Produce 101 International Prediction Polls, which included over 400,000 votes cast by fans in 132 countries. Closely following are MMO […]

CreditHero wants to help fix credit scores for those afraid to even look

 With apps and services for investing and checking credit scores, it might seem like financial services are finally getting more mainstream. But people still need to have decent credit to get to the point where they’ll use those services. That’s why Nicole Sanchez and her co-founders started CreditHero, a service to help people understand their […]