Korea’s Secret to Curing a Hangover Is Meat-Stuffed Soup

This article originally appeared on MUNCHIES in October 2016. Have a pounding hangover in South Korea? The answer might be in a steaming bowl of bloody, beefy soup. And with the country’s drinking culture thriving more than ever, it looks like more and more Koreans will be turning to hangover cures. South Korea is the […]

This Recipe Will Make You Fall in Love with Kale Salad Again

We made a kale salad. And we’re not gonna sit here and defend it. Say what you will about the ubiquity of kale salad on every “New American” restaurant menu—doesn’t faze us. We’ll be here crunching on this bomb-ass salad while you miss out on these fried lacinato leaves. Oh, did that get your attention? […]