Go Jun Hee And Ji Yoon Ha Have Tension-Filled Encounter As Wife And Mistress

“Untouchable” previewed a tense encounter between Go Jun Hee and Kim Sung Kyun’s mistress Ji Yoon Ha in latest still images. JTBC’s Friday-Saturday drama “Untouchable” has released stills of Goo Ja Kyung (played by Go Jun Hee) confronting Yoo Na Na (played by Ji Yoon Ha), who is the mistress of Jang Ki Seo (played by Kim Sung Kyun), […]

Tension Between Brothers Jin Goo And Kim Sung Kyoon Erupts Into Physical Violence In “Untouchable”

The tension has been dialed to eleven in the latest episode of “Untouchable!” On December 15, the JTBC drama “Untouchable” released stills of the upcoming Episode 7 featuring Jin Goo and Kim Sung Kyoon. The two actors play brothers pitted against each other as Jin Goo seeks to avenge the death of his wife and Kim Sung […]

Won Jin Ah And Park Hee Bon Show A Totally Relatable Friendship In Stills For “Just Between Lovers”

JTBC’s upcoming drama “Just Between Lovers” has released stills of a relatable morning scene featuring Won Jin Ah and Park Hee Bon. The drama tells the story of Kang Doo (Junho) and Moon Soo (Won Jin Ah) who help each other heal after surviving an accident that leaves them changed forever. Director Kim Won Jin of […]

Lee Se Young Perfectly Transforms Into A Quirky Zombie Girl In New Stills For “Hwayugi”

Upcoming drama “Hwayugi” has released new stills featuring Lee Se Young! tvN’s new Saturday-Sunday drama “Hwayugi,” written by the well-known Hong Sisters, is set to air its first episode on December 23. “Hwayugi” is a romance drama that takes the Chinese classic novel “Journey to the West” and uses it as a motif, and stars […]

Lee Ki Woo And Kang Han Na Meet As Past Lovers In “Just Between Lovers” Stills

JTBC’s upcoming “Just Between Lovers” has released stills hinting at the complicated relationship between Lee Ki Woo and Kang Han Na. “Just Between Lovers” depicts how strong, tough Kang Doo (2PM’s Junho) and architect Moon Soo (Won Jin Ah) come to care for each other after surviving tragic accidents that change their lives. Directed by Kim Jin […]

Yoo Seung Ho And Chae Soo Bin Meet As Human And Robot In “She’s Not a Robot?!” Stills

MBC’s upcoming romantic comedy “She’s Not a Robot?!” has released stills of Yoo Seung Ho and Chae Soo Bin’s first special encounter. “She’s Not a Robot?!” tells the love story of a man who has never dated due to his “human allergy” and a woman who pretends to be a robot. Yoo Seung Ho plays the […]

Hyeri Transforms Into A Cleaning Lady To Get A Scoop In New Stills For “Two Cops”

MBC’s upcoming Wednesday-Thursday drama “Two Cops” recently unveiled surprising stills of Hyeri as tough local news reporter Song Ji An. The stills reflect her thick skin and bulldozer-like momentum as she shows she isn’t afraid to do some unofficial legwork to get a scoop. In the first still, Hyeri is dressed in a blue cleaning lady’s […]