We Guarantee Disneyland’s “Yule Log” Is the Most Festive Doughnut You’ve Ever Seen

Disneyland offers some absolutely droolworthy doughnuts year-round, but the most decadent flavor exists only during the holidays: the yule log doughnut ($9) from Schmoozies in Disney’s California Adventure park. Complete with edible “holly,” powdered sugar snow, and chocolate “bark,” the doughnut is almost too pretty to eat. (Key word “almost”!) Pictures of the doughnuts all […]

Dunkin’ Donuts Unveils This Year’s Halloween Treats (and the Dancing Pumpkin Man!)

We’re not sure which is better – Dunkin’ Donuts’ Halloween doughnuts or the brand’s ever-popular Dancing Pumpkin Man. The Halloween mascot has returned this year to celebrate Dunkin’s Halloween-themed treats, including a new Spider Donut, which is a classic doughnut frosted with orange icing with an eight-legged doughnut creature on top made out of a […]

Disneyland’s Latest Instagram-Worthy Snack Is Inspired by Alice in Wonderland

We’ve known about Disneyland’s droolworthy doughnut selection for a while now, but the latest addition to the roster is the first one inspired by a classic Disney film. Bloggers and Instagram foodies have fallen head-over-heels for a lavender sprinkled confection featuring smiling Alice in Wonderland feline, the Cheshire Cat. The Instagrammable doughnut is available in […]

Millennial Pink Doughnuts Are Pretty, but It’s the Ingredients That Have Us Shook

Millennial pink has been inundating our lives and our Instagram feeds for what feels like forever, but this may be the aesthetically pleasing trend to end them all: millennial pink doughnuts. Well, the official name is beetroot lemon-thyme doughnuts, but us millennials keep it real. Insider Food initially spotted the dessert from Crosstown Doughnuts in […]

Find Your Nearest Krispy Kreme, Because the Eclipse Doughnut Is a Game Changer

Starting today and lasting for only a limited time, Krispy Kreme’s special-edition chocolate-glazed doughnuts are available in stores to celebrate the upcoming solar eclipse on Monday. The new and superexclusive doughnuts are available this weekend during your local shop’s Hot Light hours and all day Monday. But of course, you just want to know if […]