Female Idols Who Are Financially Set For Life

Young, beautiful, and wealthy. These are the common traits of these female idols who debuted at a young age and have already made enough earnings from advertisements, appearances, royalties, etc., to live and spend for the rest of their lives. Check out the successful boss ladies of the K-Pop industry below. Suzy (age 24) There were […]

Actors And Actresses Who Worked Their Way Up To Lead Roles

It’s not easy to get a lead for dramas or movies. Unless it’s an exceptional case, actors and actresses have to build experience, participating in several works as supporting roles or even as extras, before they score lead roles. Following are six actors and actresses who worked their way up to play the lead roles […]

Express Yo Self: 8 K-Pop Stars Who Have Hilariously Colorful Facial Expressions

While any K-pop idol is likely to have mastered their “game face” — as in, the flawless expressions they show off in music videos and live performances — there are some K-pop stars who never fail to amuse their fans (and make their fans stan them even harder) with their hilariously expressive faces. In no […]

7 Of The Hottest Chinese And Taiwanese Actors You Need To Know

K-drama fans often find themselves swooning over the leads of many Korean dramas. Whether it’s their acting skills or their perfect visuals, the main men are constantly running away with our hearts. There are also many heart-stopping actors in the Chinese and Taiwanese entertainment industry! These talented men are also experts at sweeping their viewers […]

October Boy Group Brand Reputation Rankings Revealed

The Korean Business Research Institute has released new data on boy group brand reputation rankings for the month of October. The institute analyzed 72,462,236 pieces of big data from September 13 to October 14 and measured consumers’ brand participation, media coverage, and communication. For October, the top spot went to BTS, who had a brand participation index of […]

Unnamed Actor Receives Sentence For Sexually Assaulting Actress

An unnamed actor known as “A” has charged with sexually assaulting an actress while filming a movie together. On October 13, the Seoul High Court investigator overturned the verdict of innocence given at a previous trial and sentenced a male actor known as “A” to a year of imprisonment with a two-year probation. He was also ordered to attend 40 hours […]

CNN Highlights Jay Park’s Success Story

CNN highlighted Jay Park‘s success story on its main page. On October 9, CNN posted a detailed article about Jay Park under the title “Jay Park: from K-pop to Jay-Z” on the main page of its website. The article tells the story of how Jay Park came to join the greats in the United States through his hard work and passion for music […]