This Potty-Mouthed Grandma Baking a Gluten-Free Cake Will Make You Giggle For Days

Peggy Glenn, everyone’s favorite cursing grandma, is making us double over laughing with her latest cooking adventure. Known on YouTube as Granny PottyMouth, Peggy shared a video in which she bakes a birthday cake for her grandson. Except it’s not your average, run-of-the-mill birthday cake, as she starts the video by declaring, “Today I’m going […]

Den her landsby er besat af peniskager

Denne artikel er oprindeligt udgivet af MUNCHIES UK Den søvnige by Amarante i det nordlige Portugal er kendt for sin idylliske beliggenhed langs floden, for at have meget religiøse indbyggere – og for at lave enorme peniskager. Ja. Byen med den storslåede, religiøse arkitektur og landlige indbyggere fremstiller også en masse sjofelt bagværk. Hvis du […]

Pumpkin Bars Are Like Cake With the Frosting Already Swirled In

Take pumpkin puree and add the heady, warm flavors of pumpkin pie to the mix, and you have a delicious batter; spread it out in a pan and then swirl in a generous dose of what is essentially cream cheese frosting, and you have a near-unbeatable treat. Tender, tangy, and moist (sorry if that word […]

This Fruity Pebbles Cake Is a Whole New Way to Eat Cereal and Milk

If Fruity Pebbles and birthday cake had a baby, it would look a little something like this. This colorful dessert (or breakfast?) is a fluffy vanilla cake speckled with Fruity Pebbles, slathered in cereal-infused vanilla icing, topped with even more Fruity Pebbles, and drizzled with a sugary vanilla glaze that gives it all a milk-and-cookies […]

Once You See Beyoncé’s Epic Birthday Cake, You’ll Be Buzzing About It All Day

A post shared by Cake Life Bake Shop (@cakelifebakeshop) on Sep 4, 2017 at 4:52pm PDT Beyoncé celebrated her 36th birthday in Philadelphia this year. The Lemonade singer was in town to attend her husband’s annual Made in America festival when she received an epic three-tier, honey lavender-flavored birthday cake literally fit for a queen. […]

Reese’s Bundt Cake Has Arrived to Make All Your Dessert Dreams Come True!

A post shared by 🍫🍺💪🏼 (@junkbanter) on Aug 29, 2017 at 6:45pm PDT I hope you’re saving room for dessert, because a new Reese’s bundt cake is now available in stores! Spotted by Instagram user Junkbanter in the bakery section at Walmart, this glorious chocolate cake is filled with Hershey’s chocolate chips, covered in […]