Recipe Flashback: Red Velvet Cake With Its Original Frosting

Many (including myself) have never known red velvet cake to go with anything other than cream cheese frosting – but discover this: ermine icing, aka “boiled frosting,” is in fact the original pairing for the crimson cake. Though neither name sounds all that appetizing, the frosting itself is all too finger-licking good. It’s a cross […]

50 Cupcake Recipes, Because Sometimes More Is More

We’ll always have a soft spot for cupcakes; they’re cute, individually-portioned – because really, no one likes sharing – festive, and infinitely adaptable. Sure, you could hit up Sprinkles to get your fix, but why not bake your own? We’ve rounded up 50 stellar recipes ranging from the classics (Magnolia Bakery’s vanilla, red velvet, and […]

These Are the Absolute Best Bundt Cake Recipes

Bundt cakes are like the sassy older sister of traditional cakes. They toss your cake-related preconceived notions out the door, saying, “Who needs a central core when you have icing drizzling down your edges in the most tantalizing way possible like me?” Don’t let those ribbed, doughnut-like pans scare you away from indulging in this […]

This Cute Cactus Cake Is on Point

You’ve probably seen succulent and cactus cakes flooding your Instagram feed all Summer long, but have you seen a cactus cake this adorable? We didn’t think so! Let Duff’s Cakemix teach you how to transform an ordinary cake into a summery treat with attitude. For more fun cake tutorials, check out this pancake cake and […]