C9 Entertainment Announces They’re Taking Action Against Malicious Comments About Wanna One’s Bae Jin Young

On September 27, C9 Entertainment released a statement on their official Twitter about malicious commenters. “We have confirmed that malicious rumors, personal attacks, and sexual harassment about Bae Jin Young, who is currently promoting as part of Wanna One, has been circulating on various communities,” the statement read. “In particular, we cannot hide our shock that […]

C9 Entertainment’s Upcoming Girl Group Good Day Drops Updated Teaser Photos Ahead Of Debut

After unveiling their full member lineup earlier this month, C9 Entertainment’s new girl group Good Day has dropped a new version of teasers! The new teasers are titled the “Clean” version because the details and hints included in the previous photo teasers have been removed. Good Day has also previously released a group teaser and opened […]