Amazon adds shoppable stickers to its iOS app

 Using stickers to decorate your photos is a common feature found in social apps like Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and others. But today, stickers have started showing up in a more surprising place: Amazon’s mobile app. Following a recent update, Amazon has added support for stickers within its iOS app’s camera feed – the feature that allows you […]

‘UrtekvĂŚrn’ fik dĂĽrlig anmeldelse pĂĽ Amazon, fordi den er til pot

Denne artikel er oprindeligt udgivet af MUNCHIES USA. FĂĽ planter stimulerer appetitten lige sĂĽ effektivt som den lille, grønne, aromatiske plante, der ogsĂĽ har helbredende egenskaber — den plante, der passer lige sĂĽ godt sammen med alkohol, som den gør med mad. Vi taler naturligvis om rosmarin. Hvis du er fast lĂŚser af sitet her, […]

12 Cheap Amazon Prime Gems For Foodies

Amazon is really stepping up its game with its new Interesting Finds section. I’ve admittedly gotten lost in the beautiful stream of retro, hipster goodies, especially those that every food-lovin’ person needs (or, you know, wants desperately). A few cheap but awesome items worth mentioning? I can’t say no to the pipe tea diffuser. Then […]

Crunch Report | Comcast Launches Xfinity XFi

 Today’s Stories  Comcast invests in mesh router maker Plume, launches Xfinity xFi for managing your home’s wireless network John Oliver reminds us that Net Neutrality is still under siege Facebook culls ‘tens of thousands’ of fake accounts ahead of UK election Amazon to control 70 percent of the voice-controlled speaker market this year Food startup […]

Amazon FreeTime comes to Android phones and tablets

 Amazon’s FreeTime service, which includes access to curated kid-friendly content and various parental controls, is now arriving on Android devices with the launch of a new FreeTime Android app. The app offers parents a similar set of parental controls as those found on Amazon’s Fire tablet devices, as well as a handpicked selection of over 40,000 YouTube […]

Crunch Report | Instagram Grows To 700M Users

 Today’s Stories  Instagram’s growth speeds up as it hits 700 million users Twitter desperately needed a hit first-quarter and somehow managed to deliver Amazon’s new Echo Look has a built-in camera for style selfies Uber is making it easier to see your rider rating Investor Chris Sacca is retiring from venture capital Credits Written and […]