A Campari Cocktail Ring Exists, and It’s Like the Boozy Ring Pop We Never Knew We Needed

Image Source: Kelsey Fain for Campari

Ready for a blast from the past with a cool, adult-approved spin? Campari, your favorite bright-red liqueur, has just been transformed into edible “cocktail rings,” and they’re basically like Ring Pops for grown-ups! We never realized we needed such a thing in our lives, but now that we’ve been introduced to them, we need to try one for ourselves ASAP.

To make these crystallized candy rings a reality, Campari teamed up with Sweet Saba, a designer candy brand based in New York City. The confectionary expert behind Sweet Saba, Maayan Zilberman, crafted them in the signature red-orange hue of the popular aperitif and situated them atop an adjustable silver band (which is totally more classy than those plastic Ring Pop bands). To be clear, the edible bling won’t actually get you tipsy; the cocktail rings simply mimic the sweet yet bitter flavor of Campari rather than containing traces of the liqueur itself. But still, we can’t help but think these would make an excellent drink garnish when we’re trying to impress dinner party guests.

Image Source: Sweet Saba

If you have a diehard Campari-lover in your life, one of these crystal candy rings could make the perfect holiday gift. The cocktail rings are now available for $62 each on the Sweet Saba website, which may seem pretty steep, but that’s the price you must pay for exclusive, designer candy these days! On the bright side, 10 percent of the purchase proceeds will benefit City Harvest, a nonprofit organization that takes restaurant food leftovers and distributes them to the hungry.

Now, if only every other type of alcohol could get on board with this whole edible candy ring idea . . . BRB, calling my pal Jose Cuervo to request margarita-flavored candy rings!